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More on syndicating posts

More on syndicating posts

After reading Dave Roger's reaction to my post yesterday about not including things by default in my RSS feed, I realized that I'd been unclear.

I love RSS and will continue pushing everything with it.

What I would like to do less of is broader syndication. Not everything I write is meant to start a conversation. Hell, most of the time I don't want a conversation. I just want to say what I have to say and move on.

Currently, each post on daily.baty.net is in the RSS feed, and the feed is read by Micro.blog and therefore is included in my Micro.blog timeline and then cross-posted to Mastodon. It's the threat of starting an easy argument that makes me self-conscious about what I write, and this is why I mentioned no longer doing that.

By "that" I mean that I'm no longer going to automatically cross-post from the Daily blog to various other services. Everything (almost everything) will still be included in this site's RSS feed, for those folks weird enough to want to read all of it. And if anyone feels like discussing something, there's a "Reply by Email" link right there on each post. I'm happy to have a private email discussion about anything. I get a handful of emails from the blog every week and I love it.

For anything that I do want more widely distributed, I'll manually post a copy to Micro.blog and that will then be cross-posted.

So, sorry for the mistake, Dave. I agree, RSS is the greatest and I wish more people would publish more of everything using it.

UPDATE: The followup discussion on Micro.blog made me think of another component of this, and that is that sometimes I like to spend time away from social media, but continue posting here. If I cross-post, that makes me feel obligated to look for replies so that I don't leave anyone hanging.

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