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My photos are shared on Flickr

My photos are shared on Flickr

I canceled my Glass subscription. Glass is a great photo-sharing service. It's better designed and is more focused on photography than, say, Instagram. I just don't know where it fits. I haven't used Instagram in years, so I don't need a replacement. If I want to share a photo I use Flickr. I've used Flickr for nearly 20 years, so I will stick with it.

The Glass audience is fun and active and the people there actually participate, but it's just another decision I always have to make and right now I don't feel like deciding which image gets posted where, you know?

I'm going to put the money saved on Glass toward my SmugMug subscription. SmugMug isn't for social sharing but is great at storing and organizing (and sharing) my photos. SmugMug is another service I've used for more than a decade and continues to be useful.

I love Flickr and still feel that it is the best way to share photos. Now if you all would follow my lead, we'd be getting somewhere.

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