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Why I like the Tinderbox blog

Why I like the Tinderbox blog
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Why I like the Tinderbox blog

So now that I've got a combined RSS feed I feel like I can post any damn place I please 😆. Here's why I like posting at daily.baty.net using Tinderbox.

First, Tinderbox is a powerful blast to use. I've been keeping various Tinderbox documents for going on 20 years. It can do everything.

Second, I've configured things here so that the output looks and works the way I like a blog to work. Very Dave Winer-esque. Posts are grouped by day, but each has its own permalink.

Third, I've customized things so that adding images and tags and such is quick and easy. The header image is a screenshot of what writing this post looks like.

What I like less is that it's about as non-standard a blogging tool as it gets. I've created a delicate conglomeration of templates and scripts to output the content into a usable format. If it breaks, it's on me. Sometimes I feel like dealing with it, other times I don't.

On the other hand, once the site is rendered, it's permanent, static, portable HTML. So there's that.

I'll probably keep this around for a while yet. And now that I've got the everything feed, I may do more of my daily notes here.

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