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Is using Markdown worth it here?

Tinderbox notes are rich text, but can pretend to be Markdown if pressed. Since I prefer Markdown everywhere but in Emacs, I’m considering a switch to Markdown templates for new posts here (You’re soaking in it). Cool, right? My concern is that it will slow down rendering, eventually. I guess we’ll see. The other thing I think about is whether using Markdown in Tinderbox is swimming upstream. It’s a long way from the default way of doing things, which in my experience tends to introduce weird little bugs. Again, we’ll see. As a test, here’s a (markdown) link to an earlier post: Markdown in Tinderbox.

Update: I don’t think it’s worth it. I can’t use built-in linking features of Tinderbox. I don’t see inbound/outbound links. I was right, it feels like swimming upstream. Maybe I will cherry-pick certain posts as Markdown (easily done by simply choosing the “markdown” prototype for the note”).