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More than enough camera

I have been carrying the little Ricoh GRII with me everywhere lately instead of the Leica Q2 or even the MP. I think the images from the GRIII are great, and the camera fits in my pocket.

The story might be different if I said, "Wow! These are so much better!" when looking at files from the Q2, but I never say that. The GRIII images are more than good enough for the kind of photos I make. This is difficult for me to admit.

So this is what got me thinking about the new Fujifilm X100VI. I tend to dismiss "cropped" sensors but given my realization about the GRIII, maybe I'm over it. The problem I have with a crop sensor is that the lenses aren't the "proper" focal length. I know it's stupid, but it bugs me. But, with the X100VI, the lens is permanent, so I never have to think about what the lens says vs what the image shows. It's around 35mm and that's it.

I'm sure the X100VI will be more than enough camera. It's a third of the price, half the size, and just as good at the things that are beginning to matter to me. I'll miss the incredible build quality and ease of operation of the Q2, but I'll get over it. I hope.

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