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Thursday, February 29, 2024

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Dave Rogers posted a few notes about the recent Tinderbox meetup about blogging with Tinderbox. Dave did a great job, and helped keep things human in the meet-up, while I veered into nerdville. Glad to hear I didn't totally embarrass myself. He mentioned that James Fallows was in attendance, which is cool. Mr. Fallows is a long-time Tinderbox user and very helpful in the forums. In one of his newsletters he referred to me as "a Polymath" and I was so giddy I giggled for a week. Might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me.


Blogging experiences

It seems I'm still posting on four websites most days. I guess I just like the different experiences that each blog affords me. Also, I can't commit fully to any of them, for reasons.

This Tinderbox-generated blog is fun because it's using Tinderbox, which I love. I can't commit fully to it because sometimes I get into a plaintext-only, cross-platform, files-first mode and Tinderbox doesn't suit that way of working.

The baty.net blog using Kirby CMS is pleasant and easy to write in and I like the way it works. I can change things there pretty easily. It's PHP running on top of plain text content files, which is a powerful combination. I can't commit to it fully because it's not truly static and the plaintext content files don't use "normal" YAML front matter, making a move later more difficult.

The blot.im blog at baty.blog is the easiest possible thing. I simply drop a Markdown file in a folder and it's out there. I have a small emacs-lisp function that makes creating new posts there super simple. Plus, I get to write in Emacs, which is my favorite. I can't commit to it fully because it's hosted by someone else.

The wiki is the best place for me to jot things down that I find and want to share. I should leave it alone, but there are nearly 4,000 entries there spanning more than 5 years so it's become a pretty great resource for me. I can't commit to it fully because it's weird and not really a blog.

So you see, I like having a few different places to write, even though it can be confusing or frustrating to both me and any visitors who would like to just have one place to go. Sorry about that, but I don't know if it'll ever change.

There's always my everything.rss feed that gets you posts from all four places.