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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Had to restart Caddy

Site was down for a few minutes this afternoon. Caddy server died for some reason. I restarted the service and we're back. That's the first time I remember Caddy crashing ever.


Quite a ride this week for Tinderbox and daily.baty.net

Monday: Clean up Tinderbox, write some agents and actions to help with getting images into posts. Crack my knuckles and consider this to be my place for daily notes from now on.

Tuesday: Create a new Blot journal post while moving yesterday's daybook entries from Tinderbox to Emacs and realizing how nice it is to blog in Emacs using simple Markdown files. Get Maestral/Dropbox configured on the Mini and prepare for going all-in with Blot at baty.blog.

Wednesday: Launch Tinderbox just long enough to put an away message on daily.baty.net and while doing that, remember how cool the new image handling bits are that I made on Monday. Replace the away message with a new photo and start typing.