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Today in the wiki

Today in the wiki:

Here we are. Again. Still? A tiny textarea in a weird bit of html and javascript in a web browser. I can't seem to quit it.

Maybe I'll do something like what Phil is doing: Write here in TiddlyWiki all day, then paste the whole thing into a blog post at the end of the day. Or vice versa. Why, though? The whole idea of the wiki is that I can just blurt stuff out without it "going anywhere". If I copy it to a blog, it'll end up in someone's RSS feed, defeating the purpose. I dunno.

Why do you suppose it is that I am more inclined to write stuff if it's going to be public? I have to force myself to journal in my paper notebooks or local Org-journal files, but writing here comes easy and without hesitation. Is it a weird form of vanity? Is it some latent exhibitionist tendency? I can't explain it.

Publishing this wiki relies on a few things. First, TiddlyWiki, of course. I don't like embedding images. I use a plugin and WebDAVNav Server so I can drag and drop images but have them referenced and not embedded. If I didn't need drag-and-drop I would only need the Timimi plugin locally. I deploy the wiki using a simple Makefile which rsyncs everything to a VPS. It's not much, really. So why do I worry about it?

I wish Hookmark worked with Emacs

I'm toying with the idea of highlighting the relevant bits of each entry here. The thinking is that it will help people scan what can otherwise feel like a wall of text.

AI-generated text, images, and video are a liability for those who use them.

I'm pretty sure AI could write Seth Godin's blog. If it isn't already.

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