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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Partly cloudy 61.0 | Low 53.4, High 74.3

Don't tell anyone, but I've been copying all of the new posts from Baty.net (Ghost) to my old Kirby CMS version of the blog. You know, just in case. I must admit though, that I prefer managing content in Ghost. This was a surprise.


Have I mentioned that I re-subscribed to Medium? I still root for them, for some reason, so I'm paying $4/month for the privilege of posting there and reading Member Only posts. It won't last, because I only cross-post from baty.net almost no one reads my posts on Medium anyway.


I look around and all I see are choices. Apps on the computer. Cameras on my shelves. Books in bookcases. Bags in the closet. Shoes on the rack. Streaming options on the TV. Pens in the case. I am very fortunate, but today I feel overwhelmed by it all. I feel like my brain is vibrating and causing a disturbing background hum that drowns out everything.