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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Partly cloudy 84.0 | Low 66.6, High 82.2

My wife called from the gym and wanted to know which plumber we'd called to replace our water heater. The work was done in 2021 so I was pretty sure I'd find it in Emacs/Orgmode. Probably in a Denote note. After about 45 seconds of looking, I got so tangled up in unwanted windows and buffers and minibuffers and missed key bindings that I ended up punting and using Spotlight, which only got me close. This is not the first time this has happened to me when I needed some tidbit of information quickly. The whole situation has upset me to the point of putting me back on the get-out-of-emacs train.


Just finished catching up on my RSS/Mastodon/Forum feeds. I used to love doing that. Today, and more often than not lately, I find the process to be depressing. I haven't even read the news sites yet. Everything seems awful right now with very few things improving in a way that matters. I should go take a walk.