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Trying a new app, /tap

Trying a new app, /tap

I learned about a new note-taking app, /tap, so of course I gave it a spin. /tap is about creating short, "smart" notes. "Bite-size notes with special stuff."

Most of the interaction with /tap is done via typing. So you can put a note in the "to-read" folder by starting the note with "/to-read". There's #tagging also. It gets fun when adding "events" and "beans". An event tracks things that happen each day. Good for tracking, say, meditation or workouts. Beans are simple counters. Add beans with "+mybean:10", for example. Events and Beans are tracked separately and can be seen in special views by date or by account.

/tap is a simple but clever app with some fun ideas. I love its simple, sparse design. /tap is a web app and costs $7/month. This comes with the usual concerns about privacy and longevity, but for some it might be just the ticket.

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