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Apple Photos vs Lightroom Classic as photo library

I have nearly 100,000 photos in Adobe Lightroom (Classic). Lightroom is only useful on my Mac and is rather clunky to use as a library. The new Lightroom is nicer, and syncs everywhere, but I don't want to rely on Adobe's cloud.

I'm thinking of using Apple Photos as my library. It's on all my devices automatically. It's simple and looks nice enough. Nearly every photo-related app can access the library directly, obviating the need to "share" from app to app. My family uses it, so shared albums are easy for them to find. Plus, it has face and object recognition and really good OS integration. Photos is also the most likely app I'll still be using in 10+ years.

Using Photos means that rather than importing photos taken on my phone into Lightroom, I export photos I've processed with Lightroom into Photos.

The big downside here is that my LrC library only contains locally-imported photos, and my phone contains all my iPhone photos plus just the images I've exported from LrC. I have no one canonical place with everything. I can't decide if this matters.

I could configure Lightroom on my phone to automatically sync photos back into my library, but then I have to be careful about re-importing to Photos so I don't end up with duplicates. This has happened before.

I may also try PhotoSync again to see if I can find a way to have the best of both worlds.

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