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What about Tana?

What about Tana?

I believe that Tana is the next evolutionary jump in the world of note-taking tools. It has "Supertags", backlinks, inheritance, ontologies, etc. I mean, what Thought Leader in their right mind wouldn't trip over themselves to go all-in and, at the very least, start a YouTube channel telling everyone how they manage their interstitial journaling and meditation practices using a clever combination of, oh never mind. Apparently no one has ever heard of Tinderbox. Tinderbox is a better outliner, a better note-taking app, and a better publishing tool than Tana dreams of being. It has all of the fancy ontology bits that Tana has, and more. Other than cloud access and multi-user features, there's nothing new here.

I'm not being fair to Tana. It is very good, and I really do think it's the way forward. It makes Roam look like nothing more than a proof-of-concept for what Tana is. Also, it's much more immediately accessible than Tinderbox for most people. It's just that I wish people wouldn't go on like all this stuff has never been done before.

I haven't decided whether I'll continue using Tana, but you're damn straight I'll continue using Tinderbox.