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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Low 64.0, High 67.6 - Heavy rain

See you at baty.net

See you at baty.net

I'll be posting everything, including daily notes, over at baty.net until further notice.

I'm tired, so I'm taking a break from having too many different places to write and too many wildly different systems to maintain. I hope to see you there.


Tinderbox for blogging?

Tinderbox for blogging?

As much as I love Tinderbox, I'm wondering if will continue to make sense long-term as a blogging engine. I get along great with most of Tinderbox's features, but export is one that has eluded me for going on 20 years. I can muddle my way through, but it's always a challenge.

This blog's export templates have become complex enough that I don't want to touch anything, for fear of breaking something. The HTML/CSS is aging and janky, but the thought of updating it is daunting. I mean, look at this thing...

My Tinderbox blog document

I kind of want to pick a theme and tweak a few things and be done with it.

Thing is, I like how this site works. I like the collected daily posts and I even like how it looks and reads. If I could stop overthinking things we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

But, I also want to consolidate and reduce the number of things I need to be "good" at in order to get things done. I'm already good enough with Hugo and Blot and WordPress for blogging. If I could pick one or two of those and then just write, I feel like I'd be better off.

I want search and tag clouds and a consistent writing environment.

Still noodling.